June 15, 2017

NorthStar Pet is only talking referrals and people I run into on dogwalks at this time.

After more than ten years, I am blessed to have such a nice group of clients, many of whom have been my clients from the beginning. And, I love them - pets and humans.

Because of the nature of the service I provide, and the standards I keep, I am able to serve my current clients, and maintain enough discretionary-give in my schedule to allow for client referrals and people I run into on dog walks. (And, there may be times I have to refer the referrals!)

I also recommend contacting my pet sitter, Karen Meldrum, of Wizard of Dogz and Dave Todd and Jeff Chaykowski at Critter Sitters. 

(There is no guarantee that Wizard of Dogz or Critter Sitters have visit-time available. They are my most trusted go-to's.)

With gratitude and good thoughts.

- Linda.  

(June 15, 2017; Updated from November 6, 2016.)


▪ Minimum Visits per Day if Client is In-Town/On a Calendar Day Trip: 1

▪ Minimum Visits per Day if Client is Out-of-Town*: 2
▪ Short Visits (15 minutes) Available for In-Town/Calendar Day Trip Clients

A standard visit runs 30 to 45 minutes.
*Out-of-Town = Away from Home More than One Calendar Day; a day where you aren't sleeping in your own bed overnight

Cats, up to 4
Single Visit: $17.00
Same Calendar Day, Subsequent Visits, per visit: $14.00
15 Minute Visit for In-Town/Calendar Day Trip Clients: $15.00

Cats, 5 or more
Add $2.00 per additional Cat to Each Visit Fee

Dogs, up to 2
Single Visit: $20.00
Same Calendar Day, Subsequent Visits, per visit: $17.00
15 Minute Visit for In-Town/Calendar Day Trip Clients: $15.00

Dogs, 3 or more 
Add $3.00 per additional Dog to Each Visit Fee

Mixed Pet Household, Up to 2 Dogs and 4 Cats
Single Visit: $20.00
Same Calendar Day, Subsequent visits, per visit: $17.00
15 Minute Visit for In-Town/Calendar Day Trip Clients: $15.00

Additional Dog and Cat Fees (listed above) apply.

Small Pets (Warm-blooded, Non-canine, Non-feline)
Single Visit: $17.00
Same Calendar Day, Subsequent Visits, per visit: $14 .00
15 Minute Visit for In-Town/Calendar Day Trip Clients: $15.00

Rates and Visits are non-negotiable.

Prices effective January 1, 2013.

Regarding Visits Per Day.  

NorthStar Pet's interest is entirely in your pet's welfare. Our pets are our companions and require human interaction to thrive, especially when their families are not home.

There are just two types of visits: 1) A standard visit (30 to 45 minutes depending entirely on the behavior and needs of your pets) and 2) A short visit (15 minutes). The point of a 15 minute visit is to attend to potty needs (can include a brief walk), medication, and attention.

NorthStar Pet includes a one visit price (along with the 15 minute Short Visit) for days that you are 1) in-town, 2) are home part of the day before you leave town or return, or 3) out-of-town and want a mix of single visits (minimum 2) and a quick check-in at some other point in the day. 

When you are out-of-town (away from your home more than one calendar day), as policy, NorthStar Pet will only provide services for a minimum of 2 Single Visits per day for all pets and will respectfully decline any service request for an out-of-town client who requests anything less than 2 Single Visits a day. This policy is non-negotiable.

NorthStar Pet provides in-home visits only and does not provide in-home overnight services.

Note: Some pet households, especially multiple pet households, in spite of our efforts to bend time and space, will not realistically qualify for a 15 minute Short Visit.  NorthStar Pet reserves the right to use discretion to manage reality and decide up front on whether or not the needs of a household visit would qualify. We'll talk.

Specific Needs 

If your pet has specific needs at specific times, such as medication, be sure to factor that into your visit request. 

Paying for Services

I'll leave an invoice and SASE for your convenience. Terms are seven days.

For regularly scheduled and daily visit clients, I'll bill weekly or monthly on the last day of each month. Terms are seven days.

Cash or Check. Secure Major Debit and Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx, Pay Pal) Online Payment Option Available 

For debit and credit card transactions, NorthStar Pet Services utilizes Pay Pal and is PayPal Verified! Same seven day payment terms apply.

When you schedule services, just let NorthStar Pet know you'd like to pay by debit or credit card, provide your e-mail address, and you'll receive a special PayPal e-mail invoice. You follow the simple instructions on your e-mail invoice and you can securely and simply process payment online! (Remember, only do online business with reputable sites and when a website starts with https://)

NorthStar Pet does not honor or accept online gift cards or certificates through a third party. (For example, 

For additional information, click on the Policies tab.